Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hey Decorators! We live in the real world here!

HGTV Home Design & Remodeling SuiteMy older daughters like to watch those home-decorating shows.

Which are really nice, I admit. But I often wonder if decorators understand that rooms are for actual PEOPLE to live in.

And some times... those actual people have actual CHILDREN!

So as much as I would love to live in a decorator showplace, let's be real; My kids would DESTROY it!

One popular decor item this year: Balls in a Bowl.

Pretty. But can you say "flying projectile?" Can you say "broken window?" How about "black eye?"

All of which would happen within five minutes if these things sat on my coffee table.

Here's a nicely-decorated room that's actually supposed to be FOR a child.


Dried flowers? REALLY?!

It's like an exercise of Count-The-Choking-Hazards! My kids would KILL those beautiful flying swans!

And I can't even BELIEVE the number of white couches you find under "decorating ideas."

Does anybody actually have a white couch in the real world? That's just ASKING for trouble, even if you don't have kids.

Interior Decorating Ideas

And this one has a white RUG too! Don't walk into THIS room with a jar of salsa!

Actually, I'm probably just jealous. Becaues my house will NEVER look this nice.

But that's okay.

I can eat salsa in MY living room any time I want.


  1. I agree, that kind of decor is only good if there are no children. My daughter had white couches and a white rug and kept sheets on the sofas all the time. I couldn't see the point. The carpet got stained beyond help.

  2. We have no children and have no room to have a dog, but I agree that white carpet or sofas are unrealistic design ideas. any household in the real world that wants to "design" a room should not have to spend a fortune to have a comfy place to be that can be easily cleaned.