Thursday, March 17, 2011

Keep reading?

 I saw one of those weird facebook exercises where you post strange things. This one was: Take the book that’s closest to you, turn to page 56, count down to the 5th sentence, and post it as your status.

I guess the idea was to see what you could guess about other people’s reading material by reading a random sentence.

For example, from my friend’s random sentence, it was obvious that her book was about childhood allergies.

I thought, why not?

So I grabbed the book I’ve been attempting to read for the past few days.

The EightIt’s touted on the cover as “an international bestseller” and “an absorbing thriller steeped in history.”

I say I’ve been “attempting” to read it because I’ve been having trouble paying attention to this book. For a thriller, it’s not particularly thrilling. It’s a little…dare I say it? Boring. However, I hesitate to throw a book aside until I‘m sure I’ve given it a chance.

Here’s the random sentence:

“Well, you are only sixteen,” said Talleyrand, inhaling the aroma of the brandy in his snifter and taking a sip. “There will be time for many experiences.”

Uh huh.

Not exactly what I’d like to post on my face book page as exemplifying my taste in reading.

I guess I’ll have to officially give up on this one.

Time to move on.

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  1. I would just love to see the reaction to that post! Oh yeah, Facebook would throw you off for a week.