Monday, July 18, 2011

Flat Stanley's Hawaiian Vacation

Flat Stanley (picture book edition)
(image from

A friend from Alabama sent me her son's Flat Stanley so we could take his picture here in Hawaii.

You've heard of Flat Stanley, right? Schools assign this thing as a project; you're supposed to take pictures of your paper Stanley doing various things and/or send him to people in other states so he can be photographed there.

We actually did this once before (for a different kid) in Maryland and took Flat Stanley around to see our nation's capital.

My friend probably thought she'd get some awesome pictures by sending Stanley here to Hawaii.

After all, this one is Stanley on the back porch of our new house. What a view!

However, it's not all sipping drinks with little umbrellas when you live in Hawaii, you know. Most of what we're doing here in "paradise" is pretty routine stuff.

It's been difficult to find real photo-worthy activities for poor Stanley around here, honestly.

I mean, I don't think she really wanted to see "Flat Stanley goes Back-to-School Shopping."

Or "Flat Stanley Helps Fold Laundry."

Here's a nice photo.

We call it: "Flat Stanley Pets the Cat While We Unpack Our Approximately One Million Moving Boxes."

And of course there's the activity that's been occupying most of my time recently.

Any votes for "Flat Stanley Helps Potty-Train the Twins"?

So far Stanley's vacation has been a real drag.

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  1. I am totally using every single one of these photos for his Hawaian Flat Stanley Poster. BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!