Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Eat at McDonald's. Don't Judge Me.

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Here's a strange conversation I had at my local Mickey D's.

McDonald's Counter Lady: Do you want some ketchup for your fries?
Me: No thanks. Could I have some salt?
MCL: How many?
Me: Two. If that's okay.
MCL: (hesitating) You know, the fries are already salted.
Me: I like a lot of salt.
MCL: That's not good for you.
Me: I know.
(We stare at each other a few minutes.)
MCL: (finally giving me the salt) Okay. Here you go.
Me: Thanks?

Okay. Seriously. I'm eating at MCDONALD'S. Do you think I want a lecture about healthy eating at this point? Come on!

And by the way, McDonald's, wouldn't you go out of BUSINESS if we all started caring about healthy eating? And then you, counter lady, would have no JOB!


I'm just saying....

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