Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break

So, it’s spring break here in Hawaii.

That sentence sounds pretty good all by itself. Kind of makes you jealous, doesn’t it? Wish you were here?

Before you start thinking of a wild beach party, remember who you’re talking to.

No wet-T-shirt contests, people! I think that’s more Florida than Hawaii anyway…

By the way, that graphic above was the most G-rated picture I could come up with. I searched Google images for "Spring Break." I think I need to wash my eyeballs now...

But I digress.

Around here, Spring Break should be called The Official Torture Mommy Into Insanity With Incessant Whining And Fighting Week.

It’s Wednesday, and I’m pretty close to certifiable by now.

Good job, kids!

For some reason, I decided to exacerbate matters this week by initiating potty-training of the twins.

Yeah. THAT was a brain-wave.

So I’ve been increasing my stress level by forcing the twins to sit on the potty while I sit on the floor and manically read books and sing songs to keep them entertained and therefore seated.

It’s day THREE, and we have yet to produce anything inside the potty.

But I’m still singing!

In the meantime, the fight in the living room over the possession of the remote and/or the seat closest to the TV has escalated into a real smackdown.

Also, last night the kitchen sink clogged up and filled with (brown) standing water, AND Baby Girl threw up in the car today.

So far Spring Break is shaping up to be AWESOME.

Still jealous?

Wish you were here….


  1. I'll pass! I had a hard time potty training my second girl. She would go stiff as a board and scream when I tried to put her on a potty.

  2. Sounds a bit like our spring break. Lots of bickering with some distractions outside the house... At least my twins are (mostly) potty trained, but I know the feeling!