Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What the twins have been doing during naptime...


Now that Baby Boy can get out of bed, he roams the room, climbs the furniture, and generally causes trouble during naptime.

Baby Girl, who is still in her crib and so far can't get out, just watches him and eggs him on.

It's not an environment that's conducive to sleep, for either one of them.

At first, Baby Girl enjoyed throwing things out of her bed and demanding that Baby Boy retrieve them for her.

I know this from a conversation I heard through the door.

Baby Girl: BLANKIE!
Baby Boy: No blankie!
Baby Girl: BLANKIE!
Baby Boy: Shut up!
Baby Girl: SHUT UP!
Baby Boy: SHUT UP!

Obviously they've been listening to their older sisters fight.

Since then they've used naptime to accomplish lots of interesting things:

1. Turning the lights on and off.
2. Taking all the hangers out of the closet and putting them under Baby Boy's bed.
3. Getting all the socks out of the drawer and making a puppet show.
4. Transferring all the shoes from the shoe basket to Baby Girl's crib.
5. Pulling the window shades until they fell off their rollers and loudly declaring them, "BROKEN!"
6. Ripping up a very nice Blue's Clues board book that we've had at least ten years.
7. Finding Baby Girl's swimsuit so she could put it on over her clothes.
8. Removing their diapers and hiding them.
9. Banging the sliding closet door open and closed repeatedly.

And number 10....

Can you guess what this one is? Here's a closer look:

Removing the tape from their favorite music cassette, rendering it unplayable.

Basically they are systematically destroying everything in their room, or forcing me to remove it.

But I guess there's not much else to do during naptime, if you've ruled out sleeping as a pastime....

 Especially if you've been eating Choco-Mallows.

(Who GAVE him those?)

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