Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Girl Gets a New Cast Early

Baby Girl has a new cast on her arm.

Why, you ask? Because, apparently, her mother is an idiot.

That's right! I (the idiot) thought it would be okay to let a three-year-old play in six inches of water as long as her cast was wrapped in two plastic bags and some scotch tape.


The cast was soaked. Drenched. Completely waterlogged.

I had to take her back to the doctor and get them to put a new cast on.

She actually left wet cast-prints on the paper liner of the examining table. I'm serious. That's how wet her cast got from six inches of water, through two layers of plastic.

The doctor gave me a look of serious disapproval when he saw my child's dampened armprints on the paper. I could hear him thinking, "How did that cast get so wet? This woman is an idiot. "

Well, I got my payback when Baby Girl got a look at the electric saw they use for cast removal.

The noise was terrible! And I don't mean the saw; I mean the KID! It took at good half-hour or more to get that soggy cast off her, and she screamed in terror the whole time.

Not a fun day, for Baby Girl, or Mommy. We were both exhausted after that.

The weird thing is, she perked right up when she got to choose the new pink cast, and once her arm was safely enclosed again.

I'm dreading the next time this thing has to come off though.

Which will be later this week.........

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