Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pinterest, Thou Hast Corrupted Me

Pinterest LogoSo I started hearing about a few months ago from one of my Cool Friends.

(I'm not cool myself, but I DO have a few Cool Friends.)

I ignored it for a while, but it seemed like EVERYONE was talking about it, so I decided to check it out.

When I went on it, though, the website said you had to be INVITED to join.

I was like, "Well, la-di-da, Pinterest! I'm not GOOD enough for you?

I’ve got to 'request an invitation?' And then get on a WAITING LIST?

What am I, rushing a sorority?

It’s like they’re selling snobbery! I’m offended by this."

But I requested an invitation anyways of course. Because I'm so desperate to be Cool.

And actually, it turned out to be not that difficult to acquire an invitation after all. Pinterest is not as exclusive as it would like to appear.

So, now I can waste time looking at pictures/recipes/crafts on the internet, and then show other people the pictures/recipes/crafts I've been wasting time looking at.

And I can be Cool. See?

The only problem is, now I'm getting distracted by the computer even worse than I was when it was only facebook and e-mail to distract me.

I keep leaving things half-finished like some kind of ADD freak.

Here's photographic evidence: I started transferring laundry from washer to dryer, and then apparently got bored and wandered away. Then I got sucked in by pinterest. And I didn't even realize I'd done it!!

I've been corrupted by pinterest. And that's NOT cool...

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  1. I've been corrupted by bloggers. I enjoy reading blogs so much my housework suffers too! Oh well, housework is boring.