Sunday, December 16, 2012

Boo's Birthday Cupcakes

I took cupcakes to Boo's class for her tenth birthday earlier this week.

Incidentally, this is the first place we've ever lived in which such things were not prohibited. According to public schools in most other states, it's not fair to the other kids if some kids' moms acknowledge their birthdays with in-school treats, and besides, sugar is EVIL.

Hawaii really is paradise, I tell you. Perfect weather, beautiful scenery...and the schools allow CUPCAKES!

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Anyways, after the treats had been passed out and it was time to leave, there were three lone cupcakes left in my plastic tray, which I had to transport to the car through a sea of children who'd just been let out of school.

I could hear the news rippling through the crowd as I walked:
cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes, cupCAKES, CUPCAKES!
Kids gazed at me longingly. I heard random cries of, "I want a cupcake!"

I held tightly to my tray. I knew that if I even cracked the lid I'd be mobbed. I felt like a tourist right off the cruise ship, cluching my purse while beggars swarmed around me. There were only three cupcakes, after all. If I tried to give them out a riot might ensue.

I walked on, looking resolutely ahead, trying to get to the parking lot. A boy came up and began walking along directly beside me, looking sadly down at my tray as we moved along. He sighed deeply. I ignored him.

The boy sighed again. I walked faster. He kept up. After a moment, he finally said, "You know why I'm so sad?"

I didn't say anything. He went on anyways. "I'm sad because there's a kid in my class and her name is Boo and she brought cupcakes to school and I didn't get one."

This got my attention. "What?!" I said. I called Boo back (she was of course walking nowhere near me and my forbidden treasure tray) and asked her, "Is this boy in your class?" She said he was.

"Did he get a cupcake?" I asked. Boo looked at the kid, and said, "No." I asked why not, and received a long explanation from the boy that began with "I accidentally forgot to..." and didn't really make much sense.

Apparently he'd been in trouble for some reason and the teacher had gone Cupcake-Nazi about it. ("No treat for YOU!")

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Now, as I've said before, I support my kids' teachers and their right to enforce classroom rules as they see fit.

Still. These were my daughter's birthday cupcakes. They were intended for the whole class, even kids currently in disgrace for whatever reason.

I ducked behind my van and slipped the boy a cupcake.

Happy birthday, Boo.

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