Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My least favorite letter of the alphabet

Okay. Pictures are disapperaing inexplicably from my blog.

I would understand if they were someone else's photos that I was unauthorized to use, but these are my OWN pics!

The first time this happened it was on my post about Bug-Bombing the Van. ET had snapped an awesome photo of the roach she saw fleeing the van to show me as evidence, and of course I had to include it in my post.

I posted it, and it disappeared, leaving behind a little box with a tiny red "x" in it.

So I reposted it, and a few days later, Mr. Tiny Red X reappeared.

I growled and gave up.

Then recently I had an awesome pic of Little Girl waving a pair of thong underwear like a flag. It was such a cute image that I built a whole blog post around it.

Enter Mr. Tiny Red X.


And NOW, Mr. T-R-X has invaded my reading blog!!!!  I had a lovely ratings system I'd created with photos of my own hand giving each book the thumbs-up or thumbs-down. But now, all my books have received only.....



I have NO IDEA how to fix this!

I have now resorted to a crude cartoon hand-signal system.

I know, it's completely pathetic.

And it still may not be safe from that evil third-from-last letter of the alphabet who stalks me.


I give you a big THUMBS-DOWN!

UPDATE: My very-smart friend emailed me privately after reading this post with some suggestions on how to deafeat Mr. Tiny Red X. The gist of it was... LEARN TO OPERATE YOUR BLOG PROPERLY! Sigh. I'll work on it.

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