Thursday, August 29, 2013

I guess I don't have anything to say about Miley Cyrus

I tried to have an honest dialogue with my teenage daughter on the subject of Miley's now-infamous VMA performance.

(Honestly, I had more trouble with the weird giant bears than with the whole Robin Thicke thing. Just visually speaking.)

Unfortunately I said the word "twerk." ET said to NEVER SAY THAT WORD AGAIN.

She said a mom trying to talk "cool" is like the dumb guys at school trying to speak Spanish.

"Um... Ko Mo Ez Staz, Me Um Eego." she demonstrated in a duh-voice with a bad Spanish accent. 

"It just sounds wrong, Mom," she explained. "WRONG."

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Update on this post:
Upon discussion with my other teenager, I have discovered that I may not actually know what "twerk" means.
Me: It's just shaking your butt, isn't it?
GG: No Mom. It's not.
Me: Yeah, like this.
GG: NO! Ew! Stop that!
Me: Well if that's wrong then you show me how to do it.
GG: No! Just Google it, Mom.
Me: I still think it's like this.
GG: ACK! Please stop! My eyes!

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