Monday, August 26, 2013

Thanks for the virus

My oldest daughter ET has gone away to school.

We talk on the phone a lot because mommy misses her, and she likes to tell me what she's doing. (Before school started, that was pretty much playing computer games and watching TV. Now, of course, she's much busier.)

She emailed me a link to a movie she liked so that we could discuss it. It was called "Alone," and it was in Korean with subtitles; don't ask me where she found it.

I clicked on the link and watch about 3/4 of the movie. The plot had to do with conjoined twin sisters who both loved the same man. (I'm not making this up. I swear.)

Just at the most suspenseful part, my computer froze up and I got this "blocked" screen.

That's right! A virus. My kid sent me A VIRUS.

The screen informed me that my computer was being held hostage by terrorists, and that they would set it free for only $400.

I tried to remove the thing myself, using instructions I got from a "virus removal service." The service said to call them for help if their instructions did not work.

When I called them, the guy said my infection was "really bad," and that I would need a "virus removal expert" to get it off.

Which would cost only $300.

My husband pointed out that this seems really suspicious. How do we know these people didn't make the virus in the first place, and THAT'S why they are such "experts" on it?! Sounds like some kind of conspiracy plot.

Anyways, I did not pay the terrorists, or the experts. I did end up having to pay a regular guy $100 to kill the thing, and my computer was down for two weeks.

But at least I know the guy here wasn't involved in the original plot. I think...

The worst part is... I still don't know what happened with the Korean conjoined twins!

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