Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What We Learned This Summer.... in Pictures

Well, summer is over. But I've got a few pictures to prove it really happened.

And we learned a few interesting lessons along the way.

For example, this lovely group shot I call "Just Be Still For Five Minutes, Kids! It's All I'm Asking!"

We were all dressed up for a wedding (I had on MAKE-UP, for goodness' sake!), standing on a beautiful beach, and all I wanted was a nice family picture.Could they co-operate for once?

As you can see, they couldn't do it. Not really a new lesson, but it just seems to keep cropping up.

We also learned that you can still have a nice wedding on the beach, even during the worst oil leak on the Gulf Coast ever.

I know, I posted this picture before, but aren't they PRETTY?

Some of the kids were exposed to new technology this summer as well.

Baby Boy enjoyed perusing the features of the new iPhone when it came out in July. I think he learned a lot.

We also visited a science museum, just to keep up our education during the break from school.

There were plenty of cool things to see there.

Here we learned about air-conditioning. It's better when every child has her own.

Also we explored the use of a green screen in weather broadcasting.

Everyone was amazed by the effect caused by my green shirt.  It was all very interactive.

Later I was able to beam the three older kids off the planet.

Okay, not really. They're all still here.

We learned some other things this summer, too.

My mom taught us that pyrex dishes are only for the oven, not the stove.

There was a minor explosion.

(My husband explained to me, in a scientific way, why this happened.I regret I cannot relay this information now, however, due to the humming noise that appears in my ears when he talks about things like this. By which I mean, boring things. Sorry.)

Of course, we also did regular summer things, such as look for shells...

...And have a picnic on the beach...

(Peanut butter and jelly tastes better with sand in it!)

....And blow bubbles. (The twins had a little help from their aunt.)

(I think Baby Girl is testing the non-toxicity of the bubble solution. Good news! It's okay!)

Also the twins learned the fun of riding the dinosaur train at the mall with their sister.

Okay, there's no scientific lesson in riding a train around a group of anamatronic dinosaurs next to a glass elevator. But aren't they cute?

And the last lesson of the summer: Always have your camera ready, because you never know when a great photo opportunity will crop up.

You might be a redneck if your neighbor lets his dog drive his jeep.

I just couldn't resist this picture. I mean, a pink stretch limo? REALLY?

All in all, a pretty good summer. How was yours?

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